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About Quantary

An engineer-turned-MBA trying to be the anti-quant finally embraces his data-loving self.

What you’ll find here


Why Quantary?

Because I’m the worst punster ever? Because I could register the domain name? I dunno. I hope one of you has a better name.

Also, I firmly believe that good data analysis is immediately applicable to real-world decision making. You know, to solve the quandaries we face in real life. That doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a trip down an analytical rabbit hole now and then. But we should never forget this point. Never!!!

And who am I?

Standard story: engineering undergrad + MBA. Technical marketing, brief stint at a startup, then several years of corporate strategy and, now, corporate IT.

I’m not an actual Data Scientist. But despite my concerted effort to distance myself from my quant roots, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced flow anywhere quite like I do when I have a new data set and I’m exploring.

So, I’m investigating what’s out there. In the past, I’ve constrained myself to readily available (organized, cleaned) data and whatever I could do in MS Excel. Now, I’m going to let it loose a bit and see if I can find something amazing.